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Netherlands, 2009, 14'
Director: Sanne Kortooms
Producer: Sanne Kortooms, John den Hollander
Director of photography: Vincent Visser
Writer: Sanne Kortooms, Reinout Bos
Animation: Dick Peterse
Composer: Almar Kok
Editor: Dick Peterse
Synopsis: How many lies do you have to ignore to become one yourself? What should have become a pleasant evening results in a psychological game between three friends, none of whom dares to tell the truth. They drag each other down in a whirlpool of cunning and deceit.
Director: Sanne Kortooms
Sanne is a 24 year old writer and filmmaker from the Netherlands. In 2009 she graduated (with Honors) as a director and screenwriter (Master of Arts) from the Utrecht School of Arts. For her graduation project she has made a diptich about the human psych (in short "About People") and wrote a thesis about novel adaptations. Every weekday she posts self-written poems and short stories on her website In 2008 Dutch Bloggies nominated her site for 'best written weblog literature'.