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Netherlands, 2009, 30'
Director: Sanne Kortooms
Producer: Sanne Kortooms, Jan Gerards, Samuel Prins, Ronald Kunneman
Director of photography: Ewoud Bon
Writer: Sanne Kortooms
Animation: Anton van Opstal
Composer: Luuk Bergervoet
Editor: Bram Corstjens
Synopsis: "Am I dead or does this only seem to be so?" Detective Wikkobus suffers from 'the blues'. After fifty-five years of letting other people dictate his life, without having taken any initiative, only hanging around the blues cafe, drinking whiskey and searching for things that don't matter anyway, he has had enough of it. Wikkobus decides to go and find himself because, as he knows: 'Hell is what you make of it'.
Director: Sanne Kortooms
Sanne is a 24 year old writer and filmmaker from the Netherlands. In 2009 she graduated (with Honors) as a director and screenwriter (Master of Arts) from the Utrecht School of Arts. For her graduation project she has made a diptich about the human psych (in short "About People") and wrote a thesis about novel adaptations. Every weekday she posts self-written poems and short stories on her website In 2008 Dutch Bloggies nominated her site for 'best written weblog literature'.