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Germany, 2009, 11'30
Director: Anja Marquardt
Producer: Josh Hetzler
Director of photography: Kristina Nikolova
Writer: Anja Marquard
Composer: Simon Taufique
Editor: Vincent Assmann
Synopsis: Documenting a machine called the "Harrow" is the worst assignment as a photojournalist Simon has been given, and it's quickly turning into the worst night of his life. But in the heart of the horror that he follow his camera into, Simon discovers something beautiful  and it changes his. "Harrow Island" is a story  about human cruelty and self-realization, loyalty and guilt, obsession and sacrifice.
Director: Anja Marquardt
Anja Marquardt is a filmmaker based in Berlin and NYC.
Originally from Berlin, Anja grew up dreaming of the world that
lay beyond the mysterious wall encircling her childhood
backyard. Soon after the Berlin wall fell, she began exploring
those worlds, traveling and living in places like the Arizona
desert, Granada, Strasbourg, and the mountains of northern
Laos. A graduate of the University of the Arts in Berlin, Anja
worked in screenplay development and crewed on various
independent film sets in Europe, before working as
commissioning editor at the Fiction Department of European
broadcaster ARTE, France in 2006. In 2007, she was awarded
a Dean!s Fellowship at New York University!s Graduate Film
Program. In her time at NYU, Anja has directed five short films
and worked on several other projects as a producer. Her short
film “Thanksgiving”  about a returning soldier continues to win
awards,  most notably the Best Student Short Award at
Cinequest. Her short doc "Our Lady of Mercy", about two night-
riding paramedics in The Bronx,  received a Global Microgrant
from RIS and premiered at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes
2009. One of her feature screenplays was an Official Selection
at the Script Station development lab at the Berlinale 2010. Anja
Marquardt co-founded film collective Polyglot Pictures and is
currently developing her first feature length film