Awarded Films

Over 15 short films from 10 different countries were awarded at the end of the 8-th International Short Film Festival in Balchik.

The 8-th edition of the festival will be remembered with the record number of films selected for the official Film Programme and a record number of film titles, which premiers were in Bulgaria.


Over 250 films from all over the world were competing in the Film Programme of FILM PALACE FEST in Balchik. One week full of film screenings, music and shared ideas and emotions received the guests, the audience and the participants in the biggest cultural event for the summer of 2010 – FILM PALACE FEST in Balchik.

The competition among the selected films was consisted this year of 3     competition programmes – MINI it, SONY ERICSSON it and Music and Commercial it. At these categories films were awarded for Best Feature Film, Best documentary Film, Best Animation, Best TV Film, Best Commercial, Best Musical Video and Best Popular-Science Film.

In each competition programme a special jury, consisted of three people gave the awards for the best films on the festival.

In the Competition Programme MUSIC and COMMERCIAL IT the jury evaluating the commercial and music videos was headed by Ji Lee (Creative Director of Google) and had members in the faces of Ivo Hristov and Nasko Ruskov.

The award for Best Commercial was given to the 17th Raindance Film Festival Trailer – “Film to die”.
The award for Best Music Video was given to the French director Francois Vogel for the video “After the rain”.

SONY ERICSSON it competition:

The jury was headed by Ivo Draganov and its members were Ivan Tsonev and Rumyana Petkova. They were discussing the best television, documentary and scientific-popular films.
The award for Best Documentary Film went to “Thank you skinhead girl” represented by its director Sharon Woodward.
The  award for Best Television Film was given to the journalist Genka Shikerova and the DOP Boris Pintev for the BTV series “Gardens of Concrete” and the Best Scientific-Popular Film award went descently in the arms of the director Simeon Idakiev for his film "The Nasca Plain".
The SONY ERICSSON IT jury gave a Special Mention to the director Katarzyna Trzaska for her film “10 Years to Nashville” and to the BTV journalist Kanna Racheva for the importance of the film “A Treasure Fountain”.

In the MINI it competition participated a lot of animation and feature shorts, which were discussed by the jury, consistent of Prof. Laurentiu Damian as Head of the jury and members – Kate Taylor, Rainer Strecker, Vesela Dencheva and Ivo Bogdanov.

The award for the Best Short Feature Film of FILM PALACE FEST was given to the Italian film “War”, directed by Paolo Sassaneli. In the category Feature Film the jury gave two special prizes – to the Australian film “Into My Arms” and to the German one – “Father Language”.

The award for Best Animation went to the french animation short “RU” and its director Florentin Grelie. A Special  Mention was given to the Argentinian film “The Employment”.

During the days of the festival it became an arena of another competition, which was provoked by one of the sponsors of the festival – SONY ERICSSON – for shooting a short film only by using the new 3D mobile phones of the company. A huge number of the festival guests made their first try in the short films genre and the award – the last released on the market model of mobile phone by SONY ERICSSON was given to Ivaylo Minchev, who admitted that the task was really hard but truly exciting.

During the festival the guests participated in a special lottary for the awards of MINI.

The Ad Contest, which was made real by the producer of the festival IN THE PALACE was won by Bazuka Team – for Best Ad Video. There were two first places for Ad Poster, taken by Boris Bonev and Ghostdog Team.

Press Conference Feedback


“IN THE PALACE is the most famous and prestigious film forum featuring professional short films in Bulgaria…


“IN THE PALACE will be the stage for the newest tendencies in the short - film making.”


“…one of the best places for a young cinematographer to be noticed.”


“Starting from this year’s 8th edition /June 19th - 26th/ the festival splits its programme in two - FILM PALACE FEST and MUSIC PALACE FEST”


“New age cinema that will be presented on FILM PALACE FEST distinguishes itself with focus on social subjects, personal stories on the edge of absurd and children’s tales.”


The programme of IN THE PALACE FEST including courses, trainings and master classes of FILMER FORGE is now available online. To download the programme, please click here.

Bulgarian cinema again in the cinema - Press release

The well-known names in the Bulgarian cinema will present their debut films in the festival screening hall in Balchik.

The doors of the cinema in Balchik, which has been closed for screenings more than three decades, will be open again for the audience. A film plot will become a reality in front of the eyes of the audience in Balchik, during the festival IN THE PALACE between June 19 and 26. Black-and-white memories, scent of plush, forgotten sensations. The cinema will return back to the nostalgic emotions – the spectator to experience, to be excited, to think. The passion which leads the plots of the old Bulgarian films will provoke young people to imply the same passion and emotions into their future big projects.

The best will occur in the moment the audience meet the film classics in the faces of their authors in a cinema, awaken from its deep sleep. During the fest IN THE PALACE directors, cinematographers and scriptwriters will meet in Balchik, celebrating their personal anniversary: Andrey Slabakov with “A Travel To The Seaside”, Pavel Vasev with “For Gosho And His Company”, Hristo Totev with “Doomed Souls”, Plamen Maslarov with “The Love Of Miron”, Yuly Stoyanov with “The Call”.

Only in Balchik and only for the festival IN THE PALACE the huge Bulgarian film titles will return back on the screen in a unique way – each film will be preceded by the original film review which the film had been screened with on its premiere. Generations of Bulgarian artists will be presented by their debuts. One special evening of this programme is devoted to films from the Bulgarian National Film House made in the 30s and 40s. These films will be screened for the first time in 70 years.

After the screening the spectators will speak only for memories and emotions of the old classics, watched in the old cinema halls, closed until today.

Two musical clans - one goal: IN THE PALACE 2010 - Press Release

Two musical clans - one goal: IN THE PALACE 2010, Balchik

Nufri leads Panican Whyasker and Groovy bone Crusher, Naso Ruskov - Babyface Clan and Imbeciles.

Two big "N"-s of the contemporary bulgarian rock stage wiil perform their musical projects in the frames of MUSIC IN THE PALACE , the musical programme of the festival IN THE PALACE 2010, Balchik (June 19-26).

Nufri leads the bands Panican Whyasker and Groovy Bone Crusher. The first band is going to play right after the formation called Karandilla Junior and just before the headliners - the hungarian band Pozvakowski, all of this happening on June 24. The second one is playing after the danish band L.A. Prostitutes and before the Austrians of Waldeck, all scheduled for June 25.

Naso Ruskov is the front of Babyface Clan and Imbeciles and The Poison Umbrella. The clan's act will be after the greek rock band The Bullets and before the Hungarian band Beat Dis in the closing night of the whole event - June 26. The Imbeciles' show will take place before the gig of the Serbian band - Contradicta on June 22.

Except their well-known hits the bands are going to present their brand new and unpublished by now songs, which will be specially for the Film Fest.

„For sure we'll play „Anger Of The Crowd” and  “Revolution”, and may be also two more songs, that still don't have names ”, Nufri said for the playlist of Panican Whyasker. These songs will be included in the next album of the band, which is continuing and developing the sound of  “Eastern European Monkeys” (2005).

“E-Misery" and "Butterfly Diet” – wonderful party songs with a lot of dynamics and implemented hooks in them - very suitable for tireless people" - explained wth his funny attitude Naso Ruskov. The fans of Babyface Clan can expect also "Strike", "This Is What We Like" and "Eu Tango". Thare one of the first original material of the band in the furthest year of 2002. The band members are thinking over issuing a minialbum with their newest recorded songs this summer.

"We are not going to issue the disc so fast. When it's ready - then it will be issued. It's not a good work if we make it too fast . We can "squeeze" it track by track." admitted Nufri for their forth album.

Panican Whyasker will be playing consisted of Dimiter Vasilev - Nufri (vocal and guitars), Dushko Krumov (guitars and vocals), Martin Evstatiev (bass) and Deyan Dragiev - Dakata (drums).

In the rows of Babyface clan stay Naso Ruskov (vocal), Ivo Stoyadinov - Charly (guitars), Boby Strukanski (bass), Filip Alexandrov (piano and keyboards) and Deyan Dragiev - Dakata (drums). The band has one (but a very remembering) album - "Romantica" (2000), which is a melomanic joy for a long time ago.

The two frontmen will represent themselves on the festival with their side, but with the same importance, projects - Groovy Bone Crusher (Nufri) and Imbeciles (Naso Ruskov).

The beginning of Groovy Bone Crusher are jam-sessions, which Dakata ("We gathered together to play with joy") and Ficho ("I insisted on participating exactly the three of us") have organised. In the process they invite Nufri: So in sweet talks we gathered together in a very old rehearsal hall in the center of the city - sometime during the 2003. Our first concerts in the club of O'Shipka were experimental. We didn't even know what our name will be. We have told our friends to find us a name. The whole thing was just for fun, but the tracks became very nice. This of course, we knew and only for a month we recorded a whole album. We issued it that fast too." The debut Groovy Bone Crusher appeared in 2005.
The members of the band are Nufri (vocals, guitar, programing), Dakata (drums), Ficho (keyboards), Petko Drenikov (guitar) and Boyan Zlatkov - Epeto (bass). Their appearance is one of the rare cases you can meet the band live, the organisers explained.

We are going o entertain the audince both with our songs and with weird covers of the songs of Piromania and Plastik Hi-Fi" explained Nufri who was together with his colleagues in the front rows of these really cool bulgarian bands in the late 90's.

The gig of the Imbeciles looks as big as this. At the moment the band members are Naso Ruskov and Ivo Stoyadinov, and the drumsticks will operate Konstantin Katsarski from Bluba Lu.

"Our style is electro-punk, he-he" smiled Ruskov, reminding the definition of the britain critics for their single “Cool T-Shirt/Systematic”, which has appeared on the Island during 2004 through the label „Only Lovers Left Alive” owned by Marko Pironi - the guitarist of the famous band in the 80's - Adam and the Ants.

The nervous and agressive mix of electronic beats, masked guitars and weird, punky hip-hop of the Imbeciles is still unknown for the bulgarian public."The electro sound is coming back", the frontman doesn't hide his joy and promises "only new songs, composed in the last 5-6 years."  

"With these bands and films on this event - IN THE PALACE, we'll have a wonderful time" - the vocalist is positive.

But relax.
No panic (only Panican!:)

Places at IN THE PALACE will be found for everybody.

For Imbeciles - to:

For Babyface clan - to:

For Panican Whyasker - to:

For Groovy Bone Crusher - to:

For everything for IN THE PALACE - to:

Camera - Rolling - Press release

IN THE PALACE between June 19-26 will make real one almost historical meeting. USA and Russia, peacefully, but probably not so quietly will combine their differences and find their similarities in the area of Cinematography Art. Witnesses of this professional meeting, which is happening in the film area, will be the participants in the unique educational programme – REELISM. As part of the program FILMER FORGE, the five-day training will give the opportunity to many young film professionals and students of different cinema areas – Cinematography Art, Directing, Editing to meet closely by practicing the different sides of the filming process. For some of them this will be their firs step on filming their original idea. Because not only the place, but also the people attending the festival can make a film happens from just a wish to actual one on filmprint.

Especiall yfor the program REELISM the festival of Balchik will host two names in the Cinematography Art, major as the films, shot by them. Sergey Astakhov and Sandy Sissel will contribute their skills and techniques, experienced and improved after working on “Master and Commander” and “Anna Karenina”. The cinematographers will lead their own Master Classes. Thus, for the first time in Bulgaria, names of such a value will train in the field of Cinematography Art.

The name of Sandy Sissel, born in Paris, Texas in 1949 is so special because of the small number of world famous female cinematographers. Started her career in cinema in 1974 she has filmed 50 projects as cinematographer and 40 as cinematographer of second unit and as cameraman. The production companies she has worked for are Disney, Universal and Polygram, as she also worked for television companies as BBC, Channel 4 and NOVA.

On the huge list of films are: two awards and two nominations of Oscar, 6 EMI Awards, Golden Camera from the Cannes Festival, as also an award and nominations of BAFTA. In 1994 Sandy Sissel becomes a member of the American Society of Cameramen. From 2006 Sandy is a member of AMPAS - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which adjudge the Oscar Awards. Except all this she is a professor in  New York University – Tisch School of The Arts Graduate Program.

The favorite professor of the Russian directors Sergey Selianov, Aleksey Balabonov and Pavel Lungin – Sergey Astakhov will be guest for the second time on the festival IN THE PALACE in Balchik. He has filmed around 40 features and television films and his awards pass through BAFTA, Golden Camera nad Golden Ram.

How important is to be cultured - Press release

How important is to be cultured

Once again, the festival IN THE PALACE will become a point for meetings, which will result in changing not only the film-related but also the cultural areas of the Countries from the Black Sea region.

Laid down as one of the most significant and prestigious cultural event, the festival IN THE PALACE is now not only a meeting place for all professionals working in the film business, but also for those, working in the area of cultural management and marketing.

Between June 19 and 26, 2010, the romantic city of Balchik will gather in one place representatives of different international festivals, directors of national centres and producers, who will take part in the signing of a Pact of Cultural Co-operation, uniting the festivals from the Black Sea region with the film festivals in Cottbus, Triest and Berlin.

The Pact of Cultural Co-operation will include the creation of common strategies for culture development and translating it into a high priority of the countries of the Black Sea region. The guests and the participants at IN THE PALACE will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the strategies, generally applied in countries with traditions and experience in cultural politics and management as Germany and Italy. Through the collaborative and expert work of the international professionals, the festival IN THE PALACE will strive to achieve improvement of the conditions and the environment, used for creating cultural events and products on the territory of Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey and their successful realisation.

The foreign delegates and their competencies will be accessible to the festival visitors, who applied for the Filmer Forge educational programme , gaining the opportunity to exchange practical experience during all 8 days of the festival.

For building a united concept for development of cultural events, the international experts, who will combine their efforts are Tamara Tatishvili - Director of the National Film Center of Georgia, Bernd Buder - consultant of the International Film Festivals of Wiesbaden and Cottbus, Elena Giuffrida - vice-president of Alpe Adria Cinema Association and programmer for the Triest Festival, Luciano Gloor - film producer from Germany, having experience in marketing, Tudor Giurgiu - Director of Transilvania International Film Festival and president and general director of the romanian television SRTV during the period 2002-2009 and Olga Zhurzhenko - a producer from Ukraine.

For more information:
Festival office: +359 2 491 85 88 
To be continued…


A short for everybody, please - Press release

A short for everybody, please

Announced are the titles of the selected short films, competing in the different categories of the Film Programme of the 8th edition of FILM PALACE FEST. This year's selection of 242 films (104 ficion, 45 documentary, 46 animations, 35 commercial and musical videos and 12 others) was again chosen among a record number of submitted films, incomparable to the number of films submitted in 2009. The number of this year's submissions, compared to the 4128 applicants from last year is evidence of the festival popularity and its place among the most important events in the field of Short Films, and not only in Europe. The participants in the Film Programme come to Bulgaria from 44 countries around the world, including Israel, Mexico, Holland, Brasil, Argentina, China, Denmark, Egypt, Jordan, Malaisia, Latvia, South Africa, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Canada. Among the selected are the titles of the newest Bulgarian films which are 23.

The films from the Competition Programme will be screened for the first time in Bulgaria, and for many of them the screening in Balchik will be a World Premiere. Every year the best short films, produced during the past year compete in the Festival Programme and thus the new tendencies in the short film production around the world brightly appear in Film Palace Fest.
Film art on the boundaries of well-known categories, experimenting with the traditional genres will be offered on big, every-day portions to the public of Film Palace Fest in Balchik. This year the Film Programme consists of 6 competitions:
•    Fiction Films
•    Animation Films
•    Documentary films
•    Television Films
•    Music Videos
•    Commercial Videos

In each competition section a specially formed jury of three experts will bestow the awards in the corresponding areas, while most of the authors of the international and the Bulgarian films will be present at the festival. The new cinema, which will be presented on Film Palace Fest is easily distingiushed with the interest to social subjects, personal stories on the edge of absurdity and children's plots.
The shortest film in the Film Programme of Film Palace Fest 2010 is „FFF 2010 Opening Title” (Italy) with duration of 31 seconds only, while the longest is the Canadian production „5150 Elm’S Way” -  106 minutes.

This year the festival will take place between June 19 and 26, the place is Balchik as usual, and the different experiences will continue 24/7. IN THE PALACE, which changed the face of Balchik, is highly rated by the Ministry of Culture and the Balchik Municipality as a cultural event of significant importance for the Balkan Region.
Tickets and passes are available on  

For more information:
Festival office: +359 2 491 85 88 
To be continued…


Music Palace Fest side by side to Film Palace Fest - Press Release

Music Palace Fest side by side to Film Palace Fest –
19.05.2010 17:20
The 8th edition of the International Film Festival IN THE PALACE will take place between June 19-26 in Balchik.

    The best names and titles in the European and world cinema and music will rule over the emotions of audience, guests and participants in the event, which changed not only our visions of the seventh art, but created a special festival face of the town and the Palace. The competition programme is consisted of several parts and usually shows the most current subjects of the contemporary cinema and music, not only as names but also as tendencies.   
The soundtrack of Balchik, summer 2010 will be composed on place, improvised by bands and artists, adequate to each day and its musical style and esthetics. The age in this case is not a defining factor. Each one of the participants looks to the world through the eyes of the contemporary culture and is its active person, not snobbish, introvert; he knows the difference between boring and serious music, and that’s the reason why he has a gift for parties. The artists – both foreign and Bulgarian are clearly acknowledgeable on the stage – with their presence and their sound (not only in the limits of the musical program but in the limits of their own style). Which automatically transform them into a band, preferred for jam sessions even from the most picky meloman.
Alternative, hard-core, drum and bass, trip-hop, rock, jazz, ethno, rap, punk, vanguard pop… - they’re all accepted, no limitations in the musical style. It’s pretty clear that there will be jam sessions. The atmosphere of the event is demanding it: in the creative (a mix of modern spirit and modern art), seasonal (summer) and geographic (open-air stage, Palace, sea, the other three things…) aspect.

So, who are the heroes of MUSIC PALACE FEST?

International stardom:

Contradicta (Serbia) – rap, alternative

The frontman Bogdan Tzvetkovich leads the guys – young, cocky, scandalous (just right for being before an album producing), ready to fill with meaning the space, which is already crowded with hip-hoppers, who are coarsing the air and rockers, who are breaking insensible rhythms.

Diana Miro (Ukraine) – electronic, intelligent lounge

Diana Miro, known recently as Hvoya, has been called the Ukranian Sade, because of the pearly voice bland. Irina Kustovska, which is her real name is prepared a whole repertoire of her last two albums - “Flower” and ”Veil”, accepted warmly both by the critics and by her fans.

Pozvakowski (Hungary) – experimental, rock, VJ
Deep into the underground! Evenly mixed music (charming noises – on portions) and vision (from social landscapes to imposing kitsch). Happening in an absolutely real time.

Saskia Laroo (The Netherlands)  – acid jazz, funk, rap, hard bop

The Big Blowing 3! The whirly trumpetist already blew away the Bulgarian audience (with her instrument and pastel sex-appeal). She comes to us again – on high heels again (with high goals!). After the second time Saskia defined: “The Bulgarian audience is wonderful! I want to do it again”. Let’s see her now…

Waldeck (Austria) – electronic, jazz  

The duo had understood something really important – for some there’s no future, because they don’t pay attention what past they had built. The debut of the Austrians – “Ballroom Stories” has been touched, felt and thought over all ways. They will be facing us this time (no more hiding behind air-plane noises and all possible types of loops)/

L.A. Prostitutes (Denmark) – rock and roll

All four of them sing, all four of them make hard noise, by pumping the definition “rock and roll” with pure rock, powerful hard and dirty punk, mixing all kinds of conflict elements.
The Bellrays (САЩ) – punk, rock, soul

Can you imagine on one stage Beatles, Billy Holiday, The Who, Jimmy Reed, Led Zeppelin and Steve Wonder, classical, foamy blues (12 measures and 3 accords), punk (only 3 accords) and British beat on strings from the 60’s. The voice of the front lady Lisa is coming from heaven.

Beat Dis (Hungary) – alternative, hip-hop, rock

Into the fan club of the Hungarian five are as the bluesman Little Axe, as DJ Vadim. Also – the original Beck. But…the modern youngsters crash, knowing that the problem is not in the difference, but in impersonality.

The Bullets (Greece) – rockabilly, surf

The trio from Thessaloniki has been over the heads of the Bulgarian fans several times. The mix of sweaty rockabilly, signaling surf and forced to heavy country-and-western. Hey, hey, be careful with these muddy boots, you ruined the new carpet…

Bulgarian and native (I love, cherish and care)

 Kottarashky – trip-hop, electronic

Gypsy time in Sex and the City…the music of Kottarashki (architect by education) is a bomb mixture of funny and entertaining themes, humor, electronic and acoustic, nerves and relaxation….served with amazing jumps of imagination. The essence hides in the debut project – “Opa, Hey!” (As we all know, the Bulgarian meaning of “opa” is “excuse me”).

Imbeciles & The Poison Umbrella – electro, trash, punk  

Imbeciles & The Poison Umbrella are a very different band from Babyface: we use a lot of electronics and the music is for dancing, but still aggressive and energetic with rock and punk elements” admit Naso Ruskov (Babyface Clan), who together with the Imbeciles has been warming for Placebo. Both in Sofia and in London. What else?

Theodosii Spasov and Heavenly Strings – jazz, ethno, alternative

The first kaval on the planet, exactly according to the Milcho Leviev’s definition is his new project. No matter where and with whom Teo plays, he has never shown metaphors from his studio albums in front of the audience. The surprise here is even for the organizers.

Panican Whyasker – alternative rock

The hard project of Dimiter Vasilev (a.k.a. Nufri). This is one of the most important and creative bands on the homeland stage, lasting from the end of the last century. Especially typical for the band is the process “rip off and truck away”

Karandilla Junior – ethno, jazz

If you have watched the film “Angel Club” on this year’s “Sofia Film Fest”, the picture is clear to you. If not – these are the black angels of Angel Tichanliev,, professional musician and leader of the Karandilla Orchestra, gathered together 15 children from the gypsy ghetto of Sliven in 2007. The history – 3 years later. Everything on live.

Bluba Lu – new jazz, trip-hop, lounge  

Dimiter Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski, ladies and gentlemen, the restless thought of homeland vanguard. With a brand new – double album “Quadrotopia”. The first part of it – original songs, the second part – their remixes scrambled by Kosio (a.k.a Koka) and DJ Cooh or Бalkansky (Балкан-sky). The pilot single “Mirror/Sleepless Life” entered the world chart of Gillеs Peterson ("BBC Radio 1") and became a world-wide hit. It appears that the place of Bluba Lu is on the poster with the foreign participants.

Groovy Bone Crusher – funk, modern rock, alternative jazz

The funky project of Nufri – in a peak form. The groupers come hot from their coactive show with Ostava in the capital of Bulgaria. The club “Stroezha” rocked with this band – the fans are swearing. One of the real rear possibilities to see live the originals consisting of: Nufri (vocals, guitar, programming), Dakata (drums), Ficho (keyboards), Petko (guitar) and Epeto (bass).
BGz – reggae, ska, funk
"Fate brought us together, three musicians from Shumen met in Sofia city - Branimir (vocals, guitar), Velin (bass, vocals) and Elin (guitar), and Turnovo city gave us a big portion of inspiration and Victor (drums). Our interest in Bulgarian poetry We found in Denitsa (vocals, tambourine). Walking through different styles of music brought us somewhere between reggae, ska and funk, but the overall reduction in one area of this vast art is not inherent to us, so do not be surprised if you feel also pop, soul, swing, rap, and some frank elements of metal sound in our songs, "explain the members of the band.
Babyface Clan – Psychedelic, alternative

And he is again – Naso Ruskov. In front of Babyface Clan. Together with the flying guitars of Ivo (Charley), the crashing bass of Bobi Strukanski, the atmospheric keyboards of Ficho and Dakata in his full power. The Clan had recently played after Secret Chiefs, the band of Tray Spruence (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) as a dessert.
Any other testimonials?

 Phuture Shock – funk, electronic, lounge

Another one strong party – Dessi Antonova and Ficho, together with the inimitable Deyan Dragiev – Dakata (drums) and Petko Drenikov – Peko (guitar). Ready – finally, really! – with the album “In & Out” after their distinguish together and apart 10 years ago. Future sound of… Sofia.

Apo and Nevena – electronic, vocals

Apo & Nevena are a combination of stylish and contrasting mixture of sounds. Artistic paths of Apo (Velizar Angelov) and Nevena (Nevena Koleva),  crossed in 2003 when they played together in the rock band "Utopia". It is the time spent with “Utopia” that plunges Apo&Nevena to the idea of co-production. They have an incrediblе style-experimenting fever that results into the variety of their songs.

More big facts and curious facts around the participation of each band and/or its members
Will be announced very soon.


One Day - 15 еuro (30 BGN)

Two Day - 25 еuro (50 BGN)

For the whole fest - 50 еuro (BGN)

Online -

The organizers are keeping the right on other pleasant surprises
More information about the separate modules can be found on


Dear filmmakers,

We suggest the directors of the following films to contact us ASAP for clearing necessary details. 

- Kiss (Joost Van Ginkel)

Best Regards,

Film Palace Fest Team

Less is more - Press release


The International IN THE PALACE, 
is welcoming you in Balchik, from June 19 until June 26 2010. 
During the 8th edition of this festival, viewers, guests and participants can let their emotions run free while being entertained by the best that the European and world cinema and music scenes have to offer. The special educational programme FILMER FORGE 2010 will train the skills of professional filmmakers as well as amateurs in the area of cinema and audiovisual technologies.

IN THE PALACE is the event, which managed not only to change our understanding of cinema art for eight unforgetable years, but it also created a special festival vision of Balchik and its Palace. The festival competition programme, which is divided into several contests, brings together the best from current authors and tendencies in the contemporary cinema and music scenes every year. 

An important part of Film Palace Fest is the 6 part educational programme FILMER FORGE, which covers various lectures and training classes of legendary filmmakers. SEA IT is designed for first- or second-year Bulgarian University students; BEACH IT is a pitching training course; MOVE IT is a lecture course, related to promotion, film distribution and marketing strategies, organised in collaboration with the Black Sea Festival Netwоrk and the South East Cinema Network (SEECN); REELISM includes a master class in cinematography and a workshop in “Postproduction of picture and sound”; PLUG IN is a forge for hybrid formats and new media. The modules are intended towards students as well as artists with proven talent (producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors and sound editors). Among the lecturers and trainers, invited to participate in Filmer Forge and MARK IT, are Google’s creative director Ji lee, Tudor Giugiu – founder and president of the International film festival in Transilvania, the Russian cinematographer Sergey Astakhov, representatives of international funds, 12 national film centres, chairmen and programme directors of 13 European festivals, producers and representatives of TV broadcasters, distribution companies and agencies. Deadline for applications to all trainings and master classes is May 31. You can find additional information for each module by visiting

MUSIC PALACE FEST at the open festival scene offers an unique selection of styles and artists including Saskia Laroo (The Netherlands), The Bellrays (USA), L.A. Prostitutes (Denmark), Waldeck (Austria), Hvoya (Ukraine), Pozvakowski (Hungary), Contradicta (Serbia), Beat Dis (Hungary), The Bullets (Greece). 

For more information:
Festival office: +359 2 491 85 88 
Find FILM PALACE FEST 2010 film selection at
To be continued…

Missing or incomplete information in entry forms

Dear friends,

the time for printing our film catalog is getting closer. As the catalog uses the information from you entry forms, we would like to pay your attention that there are entry forms with no or missing film information or pictures. Please, log into your film registration and fill into your entry form the missing or the incomplete information about your film so we can present it in a proper way. Selected films with no or incomplete information could be disqualified.

Best Regards,

Film Palace Fest Team

Ad Contest Winners

Dear friends,

We're happy to announce that our special jury consisted of Mr. Ji Lee - the Creative Director of Google and Mr. Faisal Qureshi - a British Film Director selected the winners of the 8th FILM PALACE FEST Ad Contest.

The winners in the Poster Contest are Ghostdog Team with their poster "...And Cut" and Boris Bonev with "8th short film fest Balchik"


The winner in the TV Commercial Contest is Bazuka Team with the video "Shamar".


End of International Submissions

Dear Friends,

The submission deadline for international films is over now and therefore we don’t accept film entries any more.

Thank you for your kind interest. We're looking forward to stay in touch with you and see you on the festival.

Days to Cross in Your Calendar!

The festival days are approaching fast and steady!

The deadline for international film entries is now officially closed.
We thank all enthusiasts and film-lovers for applying to our film programmes.  

Coming up next:

30 April 2010 – deadline for Bulgarian entries.

1 May 2010 – Final selection of international entries and Ad Contest winners to be announced.

1 May 2010 – FILMER FORGE full programme will be posted on

5 May 2010 – Final selection of Bulgarian entries to be announced.

14 May 2010 – Deadline for registration to FILMER FORGE workshops and seminars.

17 May – Selected participants in FILMER FORGE will be announced on the website.

1 June 2010 – Deadline for accreditation requests.

10 June 2010 – A complete accreditation list with the people you hope to meet at the festival will be posted on the website.

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Filmer Forge
Balchik, Bulgaria

Filmer Forge is a training programme, traditionally organized in the frame of FILM PALACE FESTIVAL in favor of young filmmakers, who come in the city of Balchik from all around the world to share experience, create contacts and develop their professional skills and knowledge by working with world-famous filmmakers, such as Krzysztof Zanussi, Sandy Lieberson, Barry Hanson, Pierre Bismuth, Adela Peeva and many others. During the one-week programme of Filmer Forge a number of workshops, trainings and master classes, round tables, opened lectures and professional meetings and discussions are organized. In 2010 the training programme of Filmer Forge will take place from 19 to 26 of June in the beautiful seaside city of Balchik and will offer five sub-programmes.


Sea It is training for students in the first two years of their professional education, studying in some of Bulgarian Film Academies. 


Peach It is an international pitching training opened for all who want to develop their skills for successful promotion of an original film idea.


In 2010 the Plug It programme for new film formats will concentrate on the latest tendencies and experiments in the documentary filming.


We will also organize once again one of our most successful trainings - Reelism. This time it will put the spell on the opportunities and treats for a film in the postproduction process and will offer a practical course for picture and sound postproduction.


This year we will start together with the network of the film festivals from the Black Sea Region the Move It training programme for film and festival PR, distribution and market strategies. It is opened for participants coming from all around the globe.

Film submission

There's a paid submission running now for all films with international origin. The entry fee is 50 euros. There's a discount 50% off the fee for international film students - 25 euros. NO unpaid submissions will be considered for selection.

International film is any film that is NOT with country of origin Bulgaria and any film that is NOT a co-production between Bulgaria and other country / countries.

The deadline for all international films is April, 18.

There's a free submission for all films with Bulgarian origin.

The deadline for all Bulgarian films is April, 30.

The final selection of international films will be announced on May, 01. The final selection of Bulgarian films will be announced on May, 05.