Film Programme

HyperLightness ad absurdum
experimental, Tue, 17:00 / Fri, 11:00
Portugal / United Kingdom , 2011, 25'10''
Director: Margarida Sardinha
Producer: Margarida Sardinha
Director of photography: Margarida Sardinha
Writer: Margarida Sardinha
Animation: Margarida Sardinha
Composer: Margarida Sardinha
Editor: Margarida Sardinha
Synopsis: An optical illusion afterimage deconstructs geometrical solid’s structures and reveals their inherent divine progressions. Dynamic symmetry interlaces self-reflective mirror images of the original icon and creates a hypnotic spiritual procedure.
Director: Margarida Sardinha
Margarida Sardinha is an artist born in Lisbon, who studied at Central Saint Martins and at Chelsea College of Art and lived in London for ten years. Her cross-media work comprises kinetic and geometrically abstract site-specific installations, experimental film, animation, text, sound, photography, and study drawings.

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