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Lunch Break
fiction, Mon, 11:00 / Wed, 17:00
Bulgaria , 2012, 18'20''
Director: Ivaylo Minov
Producer: Ivaylo Minov
Director of photography: Anton Ognianov
Writer: Ivaylo Minov
Composer: Kaloyan Dimitrov
Editor: Sylvia Katzarska
Synopsis: Two friends, construction workers, sneak up to a nearby rooftop during their lunch break. Then they bet on the amount of a mysterious treasure hidden there. Have they robbed a bank – or are they simply daydreaming?
Director: Ivaylo Minov
Ivaylo Minov graduated from the London Film Academy in 2007. His main work now happens in the field of TV commercials. He’s an established commercial director with several years of rich experience on the Bulgarian market. Ivaylo is in pre-production on a short, and writing his first feature script.
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