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Light Years
fiction, Mon, 19:00 / Thu, 13:00
Germany , 2012, 25'
Director: Florian Knittel
Producer: Teymour Tehrani, Florian Knittel
Director of photography: Tobias Jall
Writer: Florian Knittel
Composer: Malcolm Kemp
Editor: Dominik Kattwinkel
Synopsis: Finn, a familyman, finally gets a chance to go on a space mission. During the prestart test period strange phenomenons occur in his state of mind until Finn is not able to differentiate what is reality and what is illusion. He finally must realize that there is a secret about his Deja-vus that will change everything.
Director: Florian Knittel
Florian Knittel: From 2001 to 2003 several production assistants, including at the Entertainment Factory production ("Bully Parade", ProSieben) and LINE FILM Productions. From 2003 to 2011 directing study at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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