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Allelon Pathos, fiction, Bulgaria , 8'30'', 2014
Extraterrestrial agents send to Planet Earth with mission. To search and find the right and necessary ingredients, in order to give life to Cassava, mutated root that will stop
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Botev is an idiot, fiction, Bulgaria , 8'51'', 2012
Vasko has written an essay that offends and questions the mythological image of Hristo Botev, who is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and natio
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Contre Jour, fiction, Bulgaria , 27', 2014
A young photographer is in love with his beautiful girlfriend, an old camera and Roland Barthes. Are his black and white pictures a true representation of reality? Or is it all
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Dreaming of July, fiction, Bulgaria , 21'35'', 2013
Polly leaves her boyfriend and, with her friend Dilyana, goes for a hitchhiking trip along the sea coast. Waiting for the sunrise on July 1st is another attempt by these two fri
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Endless, experimental, Bulgaria , 5'30'', 2013
“Endless” tells an existential story as old and true as the mother Earth. It contains the contradiction in its title “End” and “Less”. The end of something leads to the beginn
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From A to Z, animation, Bulgaria , 10', 2013
Compote Collective presents animated movie by kids for kids.
Jump, fiction, Bulgaria , 30', 2012
A film about big jump of the little man.
Naughty Woody Frog, animation, Bulgaria , 4',
Korean fairy tale that tells the story of a naughty frog.
Outlying, fiction, Bulgaria , 11'04'', 2014
A Hong Kong journalist visits a small island to interview Chow Yun Fat, but instead he explores the beautiful place and makes a stimulating acquaintance.
Paris, fiction, Bulgaria , 8'05'', 2014
Valeria is a nurse at a psychiatry. Her daily routine is quite grey and boring. But yet, she dreams of Paris. Her desire to set one of the patients free for a while is not well
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Pride, fiction, Bulgaria , 30', 2013
A man of habit confronts a world in transition in his own kitchen.
Soldier, documentary, Bulgaria , 15'50'', 2014
A young gay lady, named Dessy Soldier is submitting her confusing life and disagreeing the homophobia and lack of understanding the people with different attitude.
Stereo Love, fiction, Bulgaria , 9', 2013
A young couple has lost the spark and sunk into routine. Now their relationship is run by a mechanical voice coming through the stereo. It should rekindle their sex life, but so
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Thank you for the opportunity, experimental, Bulgaria , 4', 2013
A moving confession of the gratitude a TV ad director feels for his clients.
The day of the bleeding gums, animation, Bulgaria , 5'20'', 2014
The painting has a value only in the moment of its creation; the rest is just a postcard from a faraway voyage.
Tree Without a Root, fiction, Bulgaria , 14'29'', 2013
Adapted from the short story by the famous Bulgarian writer Nikolai Haitov, „Tree Without a Root“ is a modern film, which deals with two of the most current topics of our time –
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