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1 on 1, fiction, United Kingdom , 5', 2013
A story about parents, school and friendships, about the girl you love and being young, when all is possible. And about football; the mud, the blood, the passion, the tears and
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216 Months, fiction, France , 26', 2012
Nothing is comparable to the success of Maureen, the ventriloquist singer, except her belly: it is simply outrageous. But a shadow is hanging over her career and that of her man
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A little pond by the great wall, animation, China / Russia , 6', 2012
A small pond lies at the foot of a great wall. The great wall is situated in the middle of mountains. The mountains are only a small detail of the landscape.
All what is somehow useful, experimental, Germany / Netherlands , 7'38'', 2013
Months of studies and experiments on animals are reduced to a few images a second, the outcome is tangible or remains mysterious. Seeing is comparing; discovering similarities o
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Ani's World, fiction, Germany , 16', 2014
Ani's family is from Bulgaria and lives in Germany. The father is an alcoholic and prone to violence. Ani flees with her mother from home and ends up in a women shelter. The rel
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Arconada, fiction, Spain , 11', 2013
Jon wants to be Arconada, the mythical goalkeeper of Real Sociedad, but is the substitute goalkeeper of the school soccer team.
As a Team, fiction, France , 21', 2012
Cergy, suburb of Paris. Bastien, sixteen years old, has just won a decisive match with his team. While he celebrates the victory, Sékou, his best friend, announces him the stunn
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Baghdad Messi, fiction, Belgium , 15', 2013
Iraq, 2009. Little Hamoudi (10) is totally obsessed with football. Just as the rest of the world, he and his friends are eagerly looking forward to the Champions League finale F
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Bandits, fiction, France , 16'24'', 2013
After having committed robberies on the parking of a supermarket, Jimmy and Limo, two young thugs, take shelter in a forest to escape their pursuers. On their way, they meet a w
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Behind the Smoke Screen, documentary, Lebanon / Netherlands , 17'35'', 2013
Steven is one of the four hundred adopted children who were smuggled into the Netherlands during the Lebanese Civil War in 1975. Until this day, the trace to their biological pa
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Belinda Beautiful, fiction, Denmark , 23'09'', 2012
Belinda Beautiful is a story about a 14 year old girl who risks her only friendship with the younger Frederic in her longing for love and exploration of her own boundaries.
Bernard the Great, fiction, Canada , 9'14'', 2013
It’s Bernard’s birthday, but he’s not happy about it. His parents never accepted him like a child. Bernard doesn’t want to grow up if it means to be like them. So he creates a s
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Born to Run, fiction, Italy , 22', 2012
Father and son riding their Harleys on their last trip together. For Alessandro it’s time to make a choice between his father and his girlfriend. You can’t love two different pe
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Boulevard's End, documentary, Germany / United States , 15', 2014
At the very end of Washington Boulevard, where the city of Los Angeles meets the ocean, the Venice Pier begins. The rough and simplistic concrete pier braves pacific storms and
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Brick, fiction, Netherlands , 13'15'', 2013
Jeffrey, who lives in a small town near Arnhem with his father and his girlfriend, is about to become a dad. He spends his days working in the local brick factory and leads a li
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Butter lamp, experimental, China / France , 15', 2013
A young photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to take their picture. Against diverse and more or less exotic backgrounds, families appear to the photographer.
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Canis, animation, Spain , 17', 2013
Teo survives isolated in a house constantly besieged by a horde of stray dogs.
Central Station Sofia, documentary, Bulgaria / United Kingdom , 13'18'', 2013
Welcome to the surreal world of Central Station Sofia. Along the way you will encounter an empty hotel, a moving pine tree, hunters, forgotten glory from the past as well as hop
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Ceramic tango, fiction, Canada / El Salvador , 9'54'', 2013
After a troubled night Riley decides to take a shower. An intruder, Henry, hiding in the shadows, pins him against a wall and taunts him with stories of his previous victims. He
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Choir Tour, animation, Latvia , 5', 2012
A world-famous boys' choir goes on a tour. In the hands of their severe conductor they are an obedient musical instrument. But left alone without supervision, they are just play
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Clink, animation, Iran , 3'50'', 2013
A man is collecting coins and piling them up. Coins fall from above and he stacks them like stairs. The stairs go higher and higher and the man climbs up the coins to place the
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Closer, fiction, China , 13'21'', 2013
A salesman in an abandoned warehouse accidentally discovered a diary, which documented the protagonist (Lam Hoi Sze) an adventure. She, living in single-parent families and havi
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Coconut Shy, fiction, United Kingdom , 14'49'', 2013
Patrick and Rosie have a unique relationship, which seems unbreakable. Friends since they were children, they share a love for 1930's Hollywood Musicals and dancing. One day, on
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Condemn to a Cry, animation, Turkey , 7'10'', 2013
Rasim is a middle age man who is stuck with daily life in a small village. One day he beats Salih who make him fell more desperately and finds himself in the middle of the Muhar
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Damn Girl, fiction, Denmark , 14', 2013
'Damn Girl' is a coming of age story about, Alex, a 12-year old tomboy. She hangs out with a group of only boys, drinks and paints graffiti at night etc. Confronted with an inci
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Diego, fiction, Mexico , 15'06'', 2013
Diego is growing up in a family that lives day-by-day, where violence is equivalent to manhood. The threat of psychological and physical abuse looms over him every day. Diego is
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Dorothea, fiction, Cyprus , 15', 2013
With a broken car, a camera in hand and a half-built house in the distance, a photographer finds herself facing a deeper and more unsettling part of her desires than she hoped.
Electric Indigo, fiction, Belgium , 24', 2013
It is sometimes complicated for a little girl to face peer pressure and becoming aware of her own identity, especially that she never knew her mother and that the only reference
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Endless, experimental, Bulgaria , 5'30'', 2013
“Endless” tells an existential story as old and true as the mother Earth. It contains the contradiction in its title “End” and “Less”. The end of something leads to the beginn
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Even Cowboys Get to Cry, fiction, Netherlands , 20'04'', 2013
Sven (18) and Gijs (18) are one another’s best friends. When the two of them end up in a fight on a night out with a couple of guys in Amsterdam, Gijs gets beaten into a coma. S
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Exile, fiction, France , 16', 2013
A young African migrant’s first couple of hours on a European beach.
Father, animation, Argentina / France , 11'50'', 2013
Day by day, the daughter of a retired military commander takes care of her bedridden father. The dictatorship has come to an end in Argentina, but not in this woman’s life.
Five Ways to Kill a Man, fiction, Germany , 12', 2012
"Five Ways to Kill a Man" is the story of a day in the life of Sam, a young man who lives in a world unlike ours. Sam's is a world where the effects of every decision he makes a
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From here to immortality, animation, Switzerland , 9'53'', 2013
Two former cartoon stars, Thomas and Jeremiah – a cat and a mouse – are now leading a quiet life far from the media. Their earlier sadomasochistic relationship has now been repl
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From Man to Man, We Pass Like Strangers..., documentary, Israel , 24', 2012
Jerusalem - 'the center of the world' - inhabits many different characters with different stories. The social tension and complexity of Jerusalem is represented with the regula
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Glyn, fiction, United Kingdom , 11'52'', 2014
Glyn is a 10 year-old Welsh boy who lives in an isolated area and dreams to become an astronaut. He finds refuge in a caravan adjacent to his house to escape from his authoritar
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Goran, documentary, Serbia , 10'38'', 2013
The short documentary film "Goran" will take an intimate look at the despair and frustration, the hope and pride in achievement as it is worked out by Goran Gostojic.
Gypsy eyes / Rhoma Acans, documentary, Portugal , 14', 2013
“Rhoma Acans” is a journey of self-discovery undertaken by the director to understand the true identity of her Gypsy heritage – from the history of his own family to the way it
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Hart/Coeur, fiction, Belgium , 21'35'', 2013
"Hart/Coeur" is a short film that tells the story of two young women spending a night out in the small town of Kortrijk. This night will take them to different places, random co
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I Love Hooligans, experimental, Netherlands , 12'28'', 2013
The world of a homosexual hooligan, his sexual orientation is a well-kept secret. The match against the archrival is the highlight of the year, at the end and he has to go home,
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In Nomine Matris, fiction, Belgium , 12'10'', 2013
This film tells the story of Remy Wozniack, perpetrator of the 02/22 events in Belgium. Remy is a young man who finds out through a letter that his mother just died and that sh
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Karaganda, fiction, United States , 25'57'', 2013
Vladimir and Aleksei are prisoners in a 1950s Soviet prison camp. They are friends, work together and even end up saving each other’s lives. But Vladimir’s wife is also behind b
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Little Talks, fiction, Italy , 17'37'', 2014
Galya, a bulgarian girl, has recently reached her boyfriend, Petyo, who's been living in Milan for about two years. One day, Galya is called to replace a friend for a translatio
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Love, Dream and Heaven, fiction, Egypt / Jordan , 11'20'', 2013
A modern-day musical about expatriate Egyptian worker and his search for his home which is embodied in the love of a Syrian girl.
Luim MC1R, experimental, Netherlands , 5'08'', 2013
Ranging in colour from deep burgundy through burnt orange to bright copper. Fair skin, light eyes, freckles and sensitivity to the sun. Pure, unique and proud. Sensual, fiery bu
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Maks, fiction, Slovenia , 15'29'', 2012
A boy decides to go visit his dying grandma despite his dad's disapproval.
Malpaís, fiction, Spain , 12', 2012
A man tries to start life in the stone by the volcano spit. An everyday marked by hostility of a beautiful and terrible environment.
Manhole / A Passo D'uomo, fiction, Italy , 13'50'', 2013
A contemporary Italian story, inspired by true events. A former factory worker and divorced father, crushed by unemployment, poverty and his gambling addiction, realizes that hi
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Margerita, fiction, Italy , 15', 2013
Efrem, gypsy boy and skilled pickpocket, faces his first theft in an apartment. An experience that will change his life.
Mike, fiction, United Kingdom , 7'30'', 2014
Mike, a teenager has to do a boring job, to take his little brother Jack to the hairdresser. As Mike is waiting for him in the car he starts to get worried when Jack takes too l
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Mrs.Colonel, fiction, Iran , 14'53'', 2013
An old woman is awaiting a “wedding”, which she wants to celebrate with her children. On this same day the pre world-cup football match (Iran-South Korea) is the most important
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My Condolences, fiction, Estonia , 15'56'', 2013
Motive is an emotion, desire or physiological need that acts as an impulse to a criminal action. It’s the criminal reason but might also mean a theme that is repeated and elabor
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My sense of modesty, fiction, France , 20', 2013
Hafsia, a student in Art History, is going to have to remove her hijab for an oral exam. She goes to the Louvre to view the painting that she has to comment on.
Mystery, fiction, Spain , 12', 2013
They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin Mary speak.
Naval Novella, documentary, Australia , 10'25'', 2013
"Naval Novella" demystifies the Navy and shows its human side, allowing people to access a closed culture in an inviting way.
Newton's First Law, fiction, Italy , 19'40'', 2012
A body persists in its state of being at rest or moving uniformly unless it’s compelled to change its state by force impressed. But rest and motion are relatively distinguishabl
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Om Amira, documentary, Egypt , 25', 2013
Om Amira, also known as the “Potatoes Lady” sells homemade fried potatoes sandwiches in a side street, meters away from Tahrir Square where the spark of the Egyptian Revolution
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Our skin is going to gray, fiction, Serbia , 12'30'', 2014
In a small apartment located in the concrete blocks of modern Belgrade, two artists are going through the personal creativity crisis in the time of global crisis. Minutes after
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Pandas, animation, Czech Republic / Slovakia , 11'28'', 2013
The world is moving faster and humans are claiming more and more space without considering the consequences. A game begins, in which commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertain
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PAYOFF, experimental, Sweden , 5'02'', 2013
“I am fascinated how sound can create images in you, and this is my focus and purpose with this film. Without actually seeing, by only hearing, you can with your “inner film scr
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Phoney War, fiction, France , 13'07'', 2014
As his ill mother is brought to the hospital, young Matis must stay at the house of his grumpy and introvert grandfather. To escape boredom and loneliness, he decides to play wi
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Quadrangle, documentary, Brazil , 17', 2013
Quadrangle is the second part of the prison trilogy from the director Aly Muritiba. The first movie was the short film The Factory, and in this one, Aly has decided to do an opp
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Registered, fiction, Germany , 16', 2013
Nike works at a grocery store which helps her pay for university. However, because of work she does not find the time she actually needs to study. So Nike has to find a way out
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RES, fiction, Cuba / Germany , 26'35'', 2013
12 year old Alejandro investigates on his own, trying to find out, where the money comes from, that his older sister brings home to the rather poor cuban family. He discovers a
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Rosenberg, fiction, Sweden , 23'51'', 2013
As a child prodigy, David Rosenberg played his trumpet at Carnegie Hall but was bullied for being a Jew. 30 years later, he’s lonely, living in a foreign land, alienated from hi
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Salam, fiction, Netherlands , 25', 2013
Eleven-year-old best friends Ara and Mo live in an asylum seekers’ centre where life isn’t always easy, especially when one of them disappears without a trace.
Saturnica, fiction, Brazil , 15', 2013
Ana is a young woman who hides a strange compulsion. She realized as a child and her mania grows along with her desire, through the stages of discovery, euphoria and suffering.
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Scars, fiction, Spain , 17'10'', 2013
Samuel has surprised his girlfriend with a trip to a country house, but she did not make any grace. Discussed. Samuel is about to hit her, but decides to leave the house to brea
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Seagulls, fiction, Belgium , 19'02'', 2013
Judith and Damien are actors. They are in love. To unite, to truly exist together, outside of their set, of their fictional world, they will have to leave the frame and cut the
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Seams and Embers, animation, United Kingdom , 6'15'', 2012
The voices are those of people who have been part of the mining community in Midlothian, Scotland. Visually we follow the story of a young lad in the mining industry - from the
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Semalu, documentary, Belgium / Malaysia , 19'40'', 2013
Semalu, which means sensitive plant in Malay, is a cinematic portrait of the abandoned children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A place in a process of modernizat
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She Comes in Spring, fiction, Republic of Kosovo / United States , 16'11'', 2013
Goran, a single father living in a remote village of Serbia, returns home from the store to find his young daughter missing and a strange woman at his door. Goran is forced to r
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Small Yellow Field, fiction, India , 8'01'', 2013
In the vastness of the Himalayas, a young nomad's curiosity lies beyond the horizon.
Soldier, documentary, Bulgaria , 15'50'', 2014
A young gay lady, named Dessy Soldier is submitting her confusing life and disagreeing the homophobia and lack of understanding the people with different attitude.
Standstill, documentary, Switzerland , 16'25'', 2013
Standstill deals with a tragic story that took place in an abandoned cellulose factory. Two friends take us back in time and talk about the day their lives changed.
Thank you for the opportunity, experimental, Bulgaria , 4', 2013
A moving confession of the gratitude a TV ad director feels for his clients.
That wasn`t me, fiction, Spain , 20', 2012
"Being a soldier is not difficult: either you get used to it or they kill you. The hardest thing is getting used to living with your memories and being yourself again after doin
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The day of the bleeding gums, animation, Bulgaria , 5'20'', 2014
The painting has a value only in the moment of its creation; the rest is just a postcard from a faraway voyage.
The Departure, fiction, Brazil , 15'40'', 2013
Clara is a six-year-old girl who is in love. She grows a peculiar passion for the moon and spends her nights under the moonlight, trying to understand what’s happening before he
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The executioner's tear, documentary, France , 26'13'', 2012
Death penalty persists in some countries. Ashmawi, the Egypt's executioner is convinced of being God's hand on earth. He is a careful professional of legal murder. The condemned
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The Girl and the Gondola, fiction, Italy / United Kingdom , 11'42'', 2013
10 year old Carla dreams of becoming a gondolier like her father. However, 900 years of Venetian tradition and the disapproval of her parents stand in her way.
The green dogs, fiction, France , 20', 2012
Two 50-year-old workers keen on football are threatened by the relocation of their factory in Romania. So they resume training with their mythic crew from the 80`s, “The green d
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The Heat, fiction, Poland , 23'30'', 2013
1. Coal or wood afire to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3. Vehemence of feelings.
The man who knew a lot, fiction, France , 20', 2013
Mister Beranger works at Paradesign, a big furniture store, where the employees live day and night in the sceneries. Beranger himself lives in a cardboard cottage living room an
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The Red Carpet, documentary, Spain , 11'45'', 2012
Garib Nagar slum, in Bandra district (Bombay, India) is Rubina´s home, a 12-year old girl who aims to become an actress and change the slum into a more clean and habitable place
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The Visit, documentary, Poland , 11', 2013
In a care home surrounded by magical forest deep in the middle of nowhere, the residents lead quiet, unruffled lives. Only Sundays seem to bring any variety. For Sunday is visit
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Toto, animation, Poland , 12', 2013
Impressionistic story of a young boy insidiously seduced by cynical collector of keys.
Wallpapers, fiction, Switzerland , 14'30'', 2013
Jan is a young student visiting his family after exam time and is looking forward to the familiar and cosy atmosphere at home. But some things seem to have changed and no one wa
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Watermelon, experimental, Oman , 10'23'', 2014
Safia is a Mute and Deaf woman who lives alone in her house. She has very sensitive emotions towards what is going in the world in in her Arab Area in specific. She has a strang
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When the Flesh Becomes Work, documentary, Belgium , 19'06'', 2013
Two-tone portrait of Philippe Sangdor, named Phil. Singer-performer for the group Tattoo noise act, Phil is a multiple character. The placid pace of his everyday life contrasts
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Where I can't be found, documentary, India / Poland , 15'50'', 2013
A hermit wanders across his valley in Southern India, interacting with it's various other inhabitants. He contemplates life.
Without Milagros, fiction, Spain , 13', 2013
Milagros, a long-term unemployed woman, beautiful, independent, educated, single, and also in despair over the uncertainty her life is, she thinks about doing any type of job ev
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Wooden Hand, fiction, Tunisia , 23'13'', 2013
Amira, 5 years of age, lives with her mother in a small apartment in Tunis. On the day that she returned to the Koranic school, Amira was dearly wishing to enjoy the few remaini
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