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Film Programme

Naval Novella
documentary, Mon, 15:00

Australia , 2013, 10'25''
Director: Sylvia Schwenk
Producer: Sylvia Schwenk
Cinematographer: Sylvia Schwenk
Writer: Sylvia Schwenk
Editor: Sylvia Schwenk
Synopsis: "Naval Novella" demystifies the Navy and shows its human side, allowing people to access a closed culture in an inviting way.
Director: Sylvia Schwenk
Sylvia Schwenk’s practice looks at the relationship between performance and the everyday, reflecting upon the significance and beauty of commonplace activities and spaces. Sylvia is an artist of international standing who performs and exhibits her work in Europe, the USA, India and Australia; she is the recipient of numerous commissions, awards, grants, artist-residencies and scholarships; and her works are held in numerous public and private collections, including a recent acquisition by Stanford University, USA. Sylvia was awarded a PhD by the University of Sydney and presents conference papers and lectures about her research and artistic practice internationally.
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