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A little pond by the great wall, animation, China / Russia , 6', 2012
A small pond lies at the foot of a great wall. The great wall is situated in the middle of mountains. The mountains are only a small detail of the landscape.
A Strange Kind of Love, fiction, Hungary , 14', 2012
This is a story of a blind girl, who finds tranquility in painting. When a man enters her life to whom she has a strangely strong affection, her past start to haunt her, and she
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Ab ovo, animation, Poland , 5', 2013
Imagine your body stops being only yours.Someone starts to live inside you,changing the rules,taking more and more space,a milimeter every day,not caring that he almost makes yo
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ABC DZIECI, animation, Poland , 5'44'', 2013
Workshop animated movie by 95 children interpreting the "word" theme animating different "writing" materials during Biennale of Children Art in Poznan (Poland).
Abracadafart, animation, Belgium , 4'12'', 2013
At the pet shop, Bob the dog drives all the customers away with his foul-smelling winds. At night the Fart Genie visits the animals and grants each of them a wish…
Adam’s Cellar, fiction, Hungary , 9',
To survive the war, Adam has moved underground. He is building his secret in the cellar for years, when suddenly she arrives...
Alien, animation, Czech Republic , 7', 2013
A short animated comedy about travelling to foreign countries.
All what is somehow useful, experimental, Germany / Netherlands , 7'38'', 2013
Months of studies and experiments on animals are reduced to a few images a second, the outcome is tangible or remains mysterious. Seeing is comparing; discovering similarities o
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Allelon Pathos, fiction, Bulgaria , 8'30'', 2014
Extraterrestrial agents send to Planet Earth with mission. To search and find the right and necessary ingredients, in order to give life to Cassava, mutated root that will stop
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American Capitalism, a Self-portrait , experimental, France , 9'42'', 2013
Professor of history Clifton L.Ganus Jr., from Harding University, Arkansas, reveals in less than ten minutes the holy trinity of American capitalism.
Anacleto, fiction, Italy , 11', 2013
Anacleto, a man with a boyish spirit, asks Doctor Torelli, a peculiar psychotherapist, to help improve his self-esteem and regain control of his life. The psychotherapist will t
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Anacos, fiction, Spain , 6', 2013
The life of a person can be as easy and straightforward as his recipe for sponge cake.
Ani's World, fiction, Germany , 16', 2014
Ani's family is from Bulgaria and lives in Germany. The father is an alcoholic and prone to violence. Ani flees with her mother from home and ends up in a women shelter. The rel
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Any Other Man, animation, Portugal , 11'10'', 2012
A common man, sitting in his regular cafe, smoking and observing. The city comes and goes through the cafe's window and a mechanism of connections between man and city is set lo
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Apostate, documentary, Poland , 15',
A young boy, from a hollow village in Podlasie, in North-Eastern Poland, wants to leave the church. How will he be treated by his intimates?
Arconada, fiction, Spain , 11', 2013
Jon wants to be Arconada, the mythical goalkeeper of Real Sociedad, but is the substitute goalkeeper of the school soccer team.
As a Team, fiction, France , 21', 2012
Cergy, suburb of Paris. Bastien, sixteen years old, has just won a decisive match with his team. While he celebrates the victory, Sékou, his best friend, announces him the stunn
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