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A Film Is A Film Is A Film

documentary, Fri, 19:00
United States , 2014, 16'02''
Director: Eva von Schweinitz
Producer: Eva von Schweinitz
Cinematographer: Jorge Torres-Torres, Eva von Schweinitz
Composer: William Basinski, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Soundroll
Editor: Eva von Schweinitz
Synopsis: Digital projection takes over the movie screens world wide. As the material of celluloid film slowly disappears from her work place, the director starts bleaching, painting and scratching film in order to find answers.
Director: Eva von Schweinitz
Eva von Schweinitz, born in Bonn, Germany, is an interdisciplinary artist, currently living in Brooklyn, and primarily working in theater, film, and interactive media. Her work deals with the role of the individual at the intersection between the analog and the digital world, and between the fictional and the real.
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